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Bucker's Journal

Bucker's Rip-Roarin' Times

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Bucker Fuskyote
21 April 1986
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Howdy! I'm an anthro fuskyote (50% husky (red husky x tamaskan), 50% coyote, 100% MUTT). I love talking to new folks and my friends and family. I'm pretty outgoing, but can seem kinda shy at first. I like to sing and play piano, ukulele, dulcimer, whistles, bass guitar, guitar, Irish bouzouki, Irish tenor banjo, and mandolin, as well as programming computers (not to mention using them) and just having a good time. I also have a big interest in cowboys and rodeos, so don't be surprised if you find me at one.

I made up the name mooglepower when I was in the fourth grade. Although it's something I'd like to change, it's just stuck for one reason or another. Many folks ask me about it or think that I'm a moogle. Although I'm not a moogle, I do like moogles a lot.

I recently graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Linguistics and Anthropology and a minor in Music History. I'm in a Ph.D. program at UC Davis in Ethnomusicology. Although I will specialize in the music of the British Isles as it is played on the west coast of the USA, I hope to expand my horizons and encounter all different forms of musical interaction.

I used to play in the Irish traditional music group Barghest. I also used to sing with The Jumpmen, an acapella quartet specializing in video game music. I used to sing in the UCLA Chorale and Chamber Singers. I was also the tenor in the barbershop quartet Something's Bruin. I'm hoping to join a couple of musical groups at UC Davis (such as the gamelan) and will hopefully create a couple more. As you can probably tell, I love performing all sorts of music.

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Biggest Little FurCon2013,2014,2015
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Midwest FurFest2008
Pacific Anthropomorphics Weekend2014
Rocky Mountain Fur Con2010

Total: 57 cons
Upcoming Cons: RF, PAWCon

मेरा नाम मूगुलपॉवुर है।

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My e-mail address is: mooglepower[at]yahoo[d0t]com

Ian The Cowboy FoxIan The Fox

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Date Created:4/10/2003
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Ian is a playful fox. He stands 5'11" tall and weighs 160 pounds. He likes to spend time with music, computers, and his friends. He always likes to make new friends, so don't be afraid to approach him.
Strengths: Friendly, outgoing, playful, talented with music, smart.
Weaknesses: Submissive, too willing to please others over himself.
Special Skills: Ability to learn new musical instruments with the greatest of ease.
Weapons: Wit, intellect, fangs (only if necessary).
Languages: English, Japanese, Latin, Spanish, Old Norse (Old Icelandic), Irish, Italian, Al Bhed, Hindi, Swahili.

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