Bucker Fuskyote (mooglepower) wrote,
Bucker Fuskyote

Favorite Wineries

What are your favorite wineries in Napa and Sonoma counties? I'm going to be visiting some and am looking for suggestions.
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There's also that meadery in Sunnyvale, if you're into the whole Hrothgar mead-hall thing.
There's mead in Sunnyvale?! WHERE, WHERE?!
Rabbit's Foot Meadery
1246 Birchwood Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
(408) 747-0770
Thank you!!!
epic! I've been looking for some good mead places. I have a bottle of home made mead that my uncle gave me when I was in Denmark at a viking festival ;D

Rabbit's Foot Meadery
1246 Birchwood Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
(408) 747-0770
Okay, here's a few recommendations -

Saddleback Wineries - http://www.saddlebackcellars.com/
My roommate went here with his brother a few months ago and LOVED it, and I'll be going there with them again in two weeks. The wine was really good, and they said it was a great tasting room.

When we go we're also going to check out two other places that his brother thought sounded good -

Diamond Oaks Winery - http://www.diamond-oaks.com/
Sullivan Vineyards - http://www.sullivanwine.com/

I will let you know how those are! I also need to remember to check with my father about his recommendations.
Wine tasting without me :(
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Hello, you don't know me and you may even get this a lot, but here goes : While finding out cover art for windows media player I stumbled across a music file, somebody called mooglepower singing Final Fantasy V's "Home sweet home". Would that be you, by any chance?
Just wondering, whenever it turns up on random I think back to when I picked it up a good few years ago. I always liked it more then the official version - mostly because the way the woman in the original pronounces "blossoms" annoys me.
Anyway, sorry to take up your time.
Heya! It's been a couple of years since you posted this, but I honestly never noticed the comment until now. Yes, that's me, back when I was much younger. Thank you for the kind comments; they mean a lot to me.
Awww no matter, it's really nice to have had this comment that I forgot about brought back to me :) It is a good track and I still have it somewhere :) Thank you for your reply :)