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To buy, or not to buy...

Okay, so I was shopping at Nordstrom with darkone238 and I found a shirt that I really like. It's Burberry, so you're paying the fashion tax, of course. Click here to check it out! However, it's $125 and I don't think that I can justify the cost of it. It's not like I haven't purchased clothing at this price before, but something's stopping me this time. I even came back a second time to look at it and try it on and I almost got it, but I didn't. I keep on wanting to snag it, though.

I'm also looking at Bluetooth headsets. I'm tired of yelling into a speakerphone while I'm driving. I'm looking at the following models:
Plantronics Discovery 975
Plantronics Voyager PRO
Vertu Aerius
Jawbone ICON
Jabra Pura
There are also headsets being released by Vertu and Tag Heuer in the near future, but again, I'd be paying the "luxury tax," as it were.

So, since most of these Bluetooth devices lie in the $100-$200 range, perhaps that's why I'm hesitant to spend money on the shirt. Perhaps I recognize that the Bluetooth headset is a bit more useful to me right now.

Also on the radar is an electric bouzouki. I'm going to get mine custom built and I'm looking spend $800-$1500 on it. I already have the money, but I'm going to wait on ordering it until I make my grad school decision. I have a couple of different designs that I'd like to try out, one of which is a hollowbody design, and I'll see what the maker thinks is best. My goal is to start a celtic rock band (think Wolfstone, Off Kilter, Peatbog Fairies) shortly after I move to the location of my PhD program, so I'll want to either have the instrument by then or have it almost complete so I can jump right in.

So, I guess I've written this entry to ask everyone's opinions. Do I get the shirt, do I get the Bluetooth device, do I get both, do I get neither? Which Bluetooth device should I get? Does anyone have much experience with any of these manufacturers? Is anyone a diehard Burberry wearer? Please post your responses! Thanks!

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