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Sorry for not posting in what seems like forever. I've been very busy as the semester comes to a close.

Mexico City proved to be a very nice vacation. It managed to much better than the multiple warnings I received regarding my health and safety. It was actually quite nice. Granted, I was smart about everything I did, but I wasn't uptight like I thought I would be.

I ended up taking away a lot from the SEM conference. There were a lot of good papers and I got an idea of how the academic conference works. It's a lot different than the cons that I'm used to, although there are many similarities. I'm looking forward to the next conference that I go to.

Other than that, life has been fairly routine. I managed to buy a new watch and a new ukulele. This Ohana ukulele has a pickup in it and I look forward to being able to play it amplified. I actually think it sounds a bit better than the Martin that I've been playing on since I started a few months ago and I'm glad that I've got this one that I don't really have to worry about in terms of sentimental and monetary value. I'll get a video of myself playing it sometime tonight or tomorrow.

Grad school apps are coming along well and I'm glad that I'm applying. I'm still trying to shrink the list down by a few schools and we'll just see how that goes.

This weekend is going to be packed with things, but I'll be looking forward to it. I've got a lot of work to get done, but I'm fairly confident in my ability to successfully manage my time and complete the tasks at hand.

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