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It seems as though people have moved away from posting in Livejournal and, honestly, this saddens me. I've always enjoyed posting and reading others' posts here. I've also come to the realization that I've had this journal for nearly a decade now, for nearly the entire time that I've spent in the furry fandom.

Speaking of the furry fandom, I've now officially been active in it for a decade. I've attended nearly a decade of cons and meets. I'm still meeting new people all of the time, and my circle of friends has certainly shifted over the years.

Having returned from Ireland and Northern Ireland, I can safely say that much international travel is in my future.

I have no idea where the next school year will take me. I just need to take things as they come without worrying too much about the distant future. The bigger picture will materialize as the smaller pieces fall into place.
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