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Back in Town

Well, I've been back in town for a couple of days now. I had a blast up in Grass Valley at the Celtic Music festival. Saw some awesome concerts including a really nice set by Brian Finnegan and William Coulter, Dervish, and Enter the Haggis. The sessions ran hot and cold, but I found I enjoyed the one on Sunday (between 12:30 and 2:00) the best. I had a blast bodhraning up it, but I need to remember to actually bring my mandolin or bouzouki next time.

Other than that, I've got this weekend to look forward to. I don't have a lot of time off in October, but November is full of holidays, so I'm really looking to the time I'll have to relax then. I'll be working on my grad school apps at that point.

Have a nice night, everyone!
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