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Obligatory Califur Post

Alright. Califur was a HUGE improvement over last year. I had a blast with all of my friends and especially my roommates, devidarkwolf and wildglitterwolf, who had to put up with my shenanigans. I performed twice, both in the variety show and the cabaret. Both of those were a lot of fun for me.

Suiting, of course, was the highlight of the con for me. I found that playing the piano in suit actually gained me an audience and I was quite happy that the hotel didn't have a problem with people playing their baby grand. I spent a lot of time at that piano and actually managed to make tips when someone put out a cup and a dollar for me. I ended up making around $21 and change plus free art, so that was quite exciting.

My friends and I also got together to make a couple of suiting videos. My friend, Dae, ended up shooting them. We put my car into neutral and tried to "ghost ride the whip" around it, but the car ended up getting away. I ended up hopping in so that it didn't go too quickly and we reshot the video. For fun, I posted both on youtube.

Anyway, that's my Califur post. I hope everyone else had a good time as well!
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